Woodbury Sales

Formerly Oakwood Sales, Inc.

Committed to Quality Standards In Electronic, Electrical, and Electro-Mechanical Products

Offering Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Power Supplies, and More


Exceptional Power Supplies
For More Than 21 Years

Honorably discharged in 1972 as a proud but disabled veteran from the war in Vietnam, I chose a career in sales. I gathered knowledge and experience in different sales positions. After working for an electronics distributor, I joined a sales representative firm, and after 10 years, in the year 2000, I founded Oakwood Sales and incorporated in 2002. This is a move I have not regretted. In 2023 we decided to liquidate the corporation and became Woodbury Sales.

Discover How Woodbury Sales, Inc Thrived

We have established a loyal customer base through service, quality, and the great cooperation of the companies we represent, aided by their strict adherence to set quality standards such as ISO and RoHS.

How We Continue to Grow

On January 1, 2012, my wife Kathleen came into the business bringing additional experience in sales, marketing, she was named president of Oakwood Sales, Inc. and continues to be a valuable part of Woodbury Sales.

We represent Americor Electronics, Ltd. Committed to quality, we create a smooth and easy process from beginning to end. The products that we focus on selling are wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Please visit the website of Americor Electronics, Ltd to explore the other products that we have to offer.